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September 2018, my younger sister lost her battle to cancer.  Comics were a huge part of her life.  After her death her collection of over 3500 comics came to me.  When it came to superheroes, I enjoyed the movies and cartoons growing up, but had no knowledge or experience with comics.


Seeing how important they were to her, I decided to become their steward.  Something my kids and their friends could enjoy over the years.  Slowly over months I bagged, boarded and cataloged them all. 

For months they sat in boxes.  That was no way to share her passion, closed away in the basement.  So I worked on ideas and prototypes to display and store them.  After several designs, the Comic Book Cabinet came to life and the Library of M.

I shared my story on social media as I went through designs and ideas, and people wanted their own personalized cabinets.


Off Panel Creations was born.

Christopher R. Roberts


Let’s Work Together

P.O. Box 561

Ashburn, VA 20146

Tel: 123-456-7890

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