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Custom Pieces

All furniture pieces are handmade, customizable and built when ordered.  Please allow 5-7 weeks for construction.  Once we receive your questionnaire, we will contact you with a quote or any follow-up questions.


Custom Comic Book Cabinet

This is where is all started. Each cabinet is as unique as the collection it contains. We will work with you to match the piece to your vision.  Looking to have it match your style? Inlay the top with your favorite logo. Get your initials in Kryptonian. It's your piece, so use your imagination.  

Custom Boardgame Table

Games bring friends and families together. That board game, card game, or RPG can be the center of your night or day.  Make the piece stand out as much as your night.  Want it to look classic? Looking for an industrial farm house look? It's your piece, so use your imagination.



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