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Comic Books

Custom Comic Book Cabinet

DC, Marvel, Image?  It doesn't matter.  Your collection is yours.  They may have been comic books you collected since you were a child, or you may have only recently gotten into it.  Your collection is yours and should be displayed proudly, not hidden away in the basement in a series of long boxes.  It should be stored and displayed with the same pride you have for it.  A Custom Comic Book Cabinet brings that collection to life.


Est. Queue Wait Time: 12 Months

Crafted to the highest standards

Project Name

Materials and hardware are selected to stand the test of time and use.  Each piece is individually built to your specifications and vision.  People will not only be wowed by your collection, but also how you display and present it. 

The first step is to work with us to visualize, design, and draft your perfect Comic Book Cabinet.  Have a unique idea?  You have the ability to choose the exact size, design, and features that you want in your perfect comic book cabinet.

Custom cabinets start at $935, but typical orders range from $1,500 - $15,000, depending on the size and upgrades you choose.  This is beautiful, built-to-last furniture that elevates both your home and comic needs.

Make it your own

As the centerpiece of whatever room in which you decide to put the piece, it needs to match not only your style, but your personality.  It's the little touches that make it your own.  Want a modern look?  Want a side table design?  Want to hide Kryptonian symbols throughout?  We will work with you to make this cabinet match your vision.

cabinet with logo 4.png

Inlays, Supply Drawers, and Embelishments

With a fully customizable design, if you can imagine it, it can happen.  Need a supply drawer for your bags and boards?  Want to inlay your favorite character on top?  Want to have a handleless front to allow you to open it with the push of a finger?  We are here to help you bring your piece to life!


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