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As personal as your collection and hobbies, each creation is built for you based on your vision. 
Step One: Planning Your Vision

We work with you to design your piece of furniture.  Be it a cabinet to hold your comics, a table to play board games, or a credenza to hold your vinyl, we want to get it right.  When the plans match your vision, we provide a quote. 

Step Two:  The Work Begins

After the final confirmation of your plans, we require a 25% deposit.  This will allow us to secure all the necessary supplies to begin the process.  As we build your piece, we share the progress through a weekly update and our social media.    

Step Three:  Bring Your Dream Home

Once the piece is complete, at that time we require the final payment  and arrange your shipping or pickup plans.  

Though it is not required, we would love to see pictures of your custom piece in its final home.  These are works of passion, and we love to see them being enjoyed.  

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