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Custom Boardgame Tables

For tabletop games, be it boardgames, RPGS, or maybe a game of cards, there’s one surefire way to enhance your experience: getting a gaming table.  If you really want to make your gaming more engaging and immersive, a custom board gaming table is the ultimate solution.  

Est. Queue Wait Time: 12 Months


Crafted to the highest standards

It’s game night. You’ve brought out your favorite games. Your family and friends are there and ready for a great time. What’s missing? We’re guessing it’s a custom board game table crafted by a master woodworker from Virginia.

The first step is to work with us to visualize, design, and draft your perfect table.  Have a unique idea?  You have the ability to choose the exact size, design, and features that you want in your perfect board game table.

Custom tables start at $1,500, but typical orders range from $2,500 - $15,000, depending on the size and accessories you choose. This is beautiful, built-to-last furniture that elevates both your home and gaming experience.

Make it your own

As the centerpiece of whatever room in which you decide to put the piece, it needs to match not only your style, but your personality.  It's the little touches that make it your own.  Want trestle legs with meeple end caps?  Want you favorite tokens engraved on your trays?  No customizations are off the table (pun intended).


Cup Holders and Trays and Storage, Oh My!

With a fully customizable design, if you can imagine it, it can happen.  Beer and soda kind of crowd?  Or are you more of mimosa and coffee?  Want trays or cup holders?  Want electrical or USB outlets to recharge your devices?  It can all be integrated into the design.  


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