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In September 2018, my younger sister, Melanie, lost her battle with cancer.  Comics were a huge part of her life, and after her death, her collection of over 3,500 comics came to me.  When it came to superheroes, I enjoyed the movies and cartoons growing up, but I had no knowledge of or experience with comics.

Seeing how important they had been to her, I decided to become their steward. Comics were something my kids and their friends could enjoy over the years.  Now I share them with the world.  Each day, I share a cover from the collection on Facebook and Instagram, so that others can enjoy them as well.  

If you can't wait to see what's next, feel free to flip through the collection.

Want to donate?  Feel free to mail any books to: Off Panel Creations, P.O. 561, Ashburn, VA 20146

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