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Subscriber Only Deals

Thank you for signing up to my newsletter!  Because of that, here is a list one one time use coupons.  They are deals that were offered in previous months. I know, you weren't here when they were offered.  Its ok.  You shouldn't mis out because if it.  Each of these codes is good for one use by you.  Yes you!  So buy as much as you can in a single shot.   Enjoy!  

Copper Dragon Dice.png

20% of Dice!

I know, I know.  So much of the site is dedicated to comics and board games.  But who doesn't love a good RPG?  Dungeon and Dragons?  Earthdawn?  Shadowrun?  Vampire the Mascarade? Toon?  That last one was a deep dive wasn't it.  No mater what you play, you should have some stunning dice that make the other players jealous.   

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20% of Manga Inspired Designs!

My daughter is an aspiring graphic designer.  She is also a huge fan of manga and anime.  I guess these days every high schooler is.  She wanted to take the OPC logo and use it to recreate some of her favorite anime and manga logos.  How could I deny my daughter that? I told her if people like her designs, I'll buy her some manga.

Let her know you like her designs and pick something up.

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